John Bouhart's threshing crew


John Bouhart's threshing crew


Sepia-toned image of a large gathering of people around a threshing machine. in the left foreground of the image is the engine with a smokestack and a number of wheels. Long bands lead to the threshing equipment, a series of conveyor belts. Half a dozen or so wagons loaded with wheat move about the image, and a pile of grain sacks is visible in the middle of the image just behind one of the workmen. In the foreground are a number of women and children. One woman in a riding habit sits sidesaddle on a horse, while two other ladies are in a carriage. Tow women with aprons stand on either side of a man holding a small boy, while ion the front center of the image another boy stands beside a shock of wheat that has two more small children hiding in its base.
[back] The steam engine is a Stillwater. John Bouhart's threshing outfit.

Date Created

circa 1880s


card photographs






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