Ariss blacksmith shop and gas station


Ariss blacksmith shop and gas station


Sepia-toned image of a two men in coveralls standing in front of a gas station and garage. One man wearing a fedora stands next to a single gas pump at the side of a covered awning, while a younger man wearing a newsboy cap stands next to him. Behind them is an antique car. Two sets of garage doors are open, and a brick forge can be seen in the interior of one. Hoses hang at the left corner of the building. A sign on the top of the covered driveway reads 'Garage' while a sign beneath that says, 'Good Year Service Station' next to a tire. Another sign on the building's right corner reads 'Monogram Greases Oils' and another 'Union Coupons.'
[back] C. 1918. Tigard. Ariss Blacksmith shop and Gas Station.

Date Created

circa 1918


photographic prints






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