Adams Brickyard


Adams Brickyard


Sepia-toned image of a brickyard. Two horses stand beside pug mills used to process the clay before making bricks, and the large kilns in the background were built of bricks to be fired. Note the businessman in the middle of the photo, dressed in a suit, when all the other men in the photo wear work clothes. This is very likely William C. Adams, the owner of the brickworks. His father, Calvin, came to Oregon in 1852 and took up a Donation Land Claim, and William, the fourth child, was born in Oregon about ten years later. He is listed in the 1880 census at age 15, and in the 1900 census his age given as 37 and his occupation listed as 'Brickmason.'
[front] [pencil ?] 1885. [pen] Adam's Brickyard 1885. [back] Adam' Brick [corner broken off]. E. W. Moore. H. G. Mitchell.

Date Created

circa 1885


albumen prints






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