WWI U.S. Soldiers at Chateau-Thierry, Aisne, France


WWI U.S. Soldiers at Chateau-Thierry, Aisne, France


Sepia-toned image of a shelled out building in Chateau Thierry, France. The building is set up against a steep hill, with a wide staircase running up the hill beside it. A wall can be seen at the top of the hill, and a group of soldiers appear to be ascending the stairs. The four soldiers in the foreground are United States soldiers, one of whom is Verne McKinney, from Hillsboro, Oregon. The term 'Yanks' referenced in the transcription on the back is a colloquial term used mostly by British and other Commonwealth nations to refer to residents of the United States. The Battle of Chateau-Thierry was one of the first battles fought by the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) after joining France and Britain in declaring war against Imperial Germany. There is an American Battle Monument near the town commemorating the cooperative effort between the French and United States armies. McKinney was born and raised in Hillsboro and spent many years as editor of the Hillsboro Argus.
[back] [red ink] This hill is a natural fortress overlooking Chateau-Thiery [sic] and was held by Germans, but were driven out by the Yanks. I am the second soldier from the left.

Date Created

circa 1918-1919


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