Columbus Day Windstorm aftermath, Washington County Courthouse


Columbus Day Windstorm aftermath, Washington County Courthouse


Black and white image of broken trees and debris scattered across the lawn of the Washington County Courthouse. Fresh cut wood stacked to the bottom left of the picture indicates that cleanup is in progress. The Columbus Day Windstorm was an extra-tropical cyclone, essentially a rainless hurricane. The storm cut a swath of destruction through northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia on October 12, 1963, with the bulk of the damage occurring along the Oregon coast and in the Willamette Valley. The highest winds recorded in the Portland area reached 116 mph, but many local anemometers (wind gauges) were destroyed by the storm after reaching their measurement capacity. Damage estimates in current (2012) dollars were between $3 and $5 billion dollars, including 11 to 15 billion board feet of timber in the Coast Range.
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