John Holmason family and friends, with strawberries


John Holmason family and friends, with strawberries


Sepia-toned image of a group of adults and children gathered around a table covered with quarts of strawberries, with almost everyone in the family holding strawberries. John Holmason and his wife, Rosa, are the couple in the center of the picture. Since the clothing worn in this picture is the same as that worn in WCMpic_12008 and WMCpic_012009, it is very likely that this picture was taken at the same time and also at the Holmasons' new, stick-built home. It is not known whether Holmason also acquired the fields which produced the strawberries with the house or the picture was taken because it was working at Oregon Nursery Company which enabled Holmason to afford this home for his family. The Holmason family immigrated from Hungary in 1905 with their two oldest children, part of a large work force recruited by the Oregon Nursery Company. In addition to Magyar (Hungarian) listed as the Holmasons' native tongue, the same page in the census lists neighbors who spoke Japanese, Romanian, and Canadian French. (See WCMpic_012008 and WCMpic_012009 for other images of this family.)

Date Created

circa 1910


photographic postcards




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