Portrait of Ralph Raines, Sr.


Portrait of Ralph Raines, Sr.


Black and white image of a young man, Ralph Raines, in his World War II Aviation Cadet dress uniform. Raines, a long time area resident, was the ball gunner in his crew, manning the turret underneath the plane, until near the end of the war when a shortage of navigators led to him being pressed into service at that post. Raines, who had not quite completed navigational school, flew nine missions as navigator. He was later awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for a mission where he navigated their damaged bomber back to base after a bombing run left them with only one engine and dangerously low fuel levels. The course he plotted to get them back needed no corrections, enabling the plane to land safely in Italy. The pilot submitted Raines' name for the medal, but the medal itself was not awarded until 1982, the paperwork having been lost in the shuffle after the war. (Original photo remains with the family of the donor; image is a photograph of original.)

Date Created

circa 1942






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