Laurelwood Schoolroom


Laurelwood Schoolroom


Black and white image of a group of students sitting in a classroom. At the rear of the room, one student works on advanced math, while four other older students hold open books. A number of other students are seated at tables about the room, either with open books in their hands or working on some project. The boys all sit to one side and the girls on the other. At the front of the room, a young girl slouches in her chair. White lettering on the bottom of the photo reads 'a schoolroom, Laurelwood School, Gaston, Ore. Photo by N. W. Earl.' Laurelwood Academy was founded in 1904 as a private school run by the Seventh Day Adventist church.
[front] [white ink] a schoolroom. Laurelwood School, Gaston, Ore. Photo by N. W. Earl.

Date Created

circa 1900s


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