Forest Grove students and buses


Forest Grove students and buses


Tri-fold card containing photo of students who rode the school buses run by the Hendricks Company. The front of the card states that these are 'Student Passengers on Hendricks Bus Routes, 1931...1932.' Inside the card are two pictures printed one on top of the other. The upper image shows a group of students gathered on a grassy lawn; most appear to be in their early to late teens. A second image beneath that one shows three General Motors buses in a row, all bearing lettering on their side reading 'Forest Grove Union High School.' The opposite page lists all the students in the image. George Hendricks is listed as a 'truck driver' in the 1930 census of Washington County.
[front] [stamped] Student Passengers on Hendricks Bus Routes, 19311932. Compliments of Geo. L. Hendricks. Forest Grove Union High School. [inner page 1] Find Yourself Here. Use Square Card for Guide. Slide Card from left to right, reading from bottom to top. Glen Moss; Lois Richmond; Kenneth Shogren; Margaret Elliott; Pete Beyer, Darrell Wilson; Betty Bateman, Lou Rea McCampbell; Irene Richmond; Celia Marshall; James Harding; Florence Markee; Emmalene Redetzke, Gladys Shiffer; Irene Redetzke; Mildred Markee, Arleta Brinkmeye, Irene Bateman, Paul Hankins, Roy Elliot; Mrs. Elmer Spooner, Marjorie Peterson, Margaret McCampbell; Mabel Benett; Bonita Brown; Eldon Flett; Mary VanDyke; Nina Wilson; Mary Harris, Muriel Plumlee, Kenneth Brown; William Brown; Gertrude Bennett, Ruth Clinton; Mazine Thompson, Nellei Haney, Cecil Easley, Donald Heffner, Agnes Larsen, Helen Murphy, Dixie Lily, Mary Douglas, Virgil Shaw; Margaret Eslinger, Loretta Smith, Ethel Nedgren, Alma Love; Wesley Ebert, Marion Ross, Evelyn Willis, Philip Castle; Mildred Watkins, Irene Holscher; Marjorie Taylor, Estel Love, Thomas Thompson; Stanley Wolfe, Louine Love, Vilas Hayden, Gladys Mattsen, Gordon Demaris, Francis Jerrott; Ora Reihholdt, Vern Easley; Evelyn Raymond, Lucille Evers, Stanley Beard; Robert Pollock, Zelma Smith, Carl Plumlee; Sylvia Wood, George Johnson; June McClure, Marie Bailey; Melvin Simmons, Hattie Poulson, Mary Lou Rinehart, Riner Wirtz, Earl Nordgren; Viola Morton, Barbara James, Ruth Ebert, Chas. Miller, Grace Ebert; John Snyder, Sanford matteson; Irene Mulvey, Orville Miller; Clara Crop, Ernest Burke; Evelyn Ortman, Kenneth Willis; Mary Burke, Eleanor Bailey, Howard Armitage; Shirley Kurtz, Eunice Bamford, Chas. Gebhardt; Nora Colvin, Margaret Burki; Roberta Mott, Alma Hudson, Elmer Spooner, John Gabbert; Emily Guyer; Juanita Vance, Elva Fritch, Helen Kinney, Geo. L. Hendricks, Wayne Wesctot; Ulah Finch, Ida Redman, Horace Wilson, Clinton Warrens; Laveta Finch, James E. Neilson, Forence Wiswell, Marie Hudson; Wayne Hoover; Dorothy Wahl; Absent: Robt. Vanderzanden, Georgia May Baker, Howard Robertson, Jackson hazlitt, Heinie Zimmerman, Alex McDonald, Ruth Haage, Paul Allen, Beulah Armitage, Julia Gebhardt, Alfred Coney, Tarvald Brande, Harvey Story, Donald Boyd, Raleigh Shiffer, Dick Goss, Roy Elliott, Everett Dean, Harriet Hayden, Harold Bateman, Rosa Mae Bateman, Janette Hardin, Dorothy Hardin, Byron Farr, Maurice Vanloo. [beneath photo page 2] Climax of Beauty & Buses.

Date Created

circa 1932-1932



gelatin silver prints






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