Men and a dog with a steam donkey


Men and a dog with a steam donkey


Black and white image of two men with a steam donkey. One man stands to the side and appears to be running the engine. Another man sits on one of the cable drums that winds the cable used to pull the logs from the forest. He holds a dog in his lap. One of the large chains used to secure the engine extends down from the cables at the lower center of the image. Leafless trees fill the background of the image, and a large stack of wood sits to the right of the donkey engine. Though the specific location of these men is unknown, this would have been a familiar sight in the forests of Washington County and the Coast Range during the early 1900s. The image is from the Herbert McMullen bequest. McMullen was a local photographer who also collected photographs and images from around the area.

Date Created

circa 1900s-1910s


gelatin silver prints




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