Unidentified woman with children


Unidentified woman with children


Black and white image of a seated, smiling woman with a group of children. They appear to be sitting on a bed. The woman wears a dress that falls just below her knees, and has long, dark hair pulled back away from her face but hanging loosely over her shoulders. She holds one small child, a girl wearing a light colored dress and lace stockings with her shoes, in her lap. Another girl in a plaid skirt and sleeveless top sits beside the woman. Four boys sit on either side of the woman and the girls, two on either end of the bed. They wear casual shirts and pants, though the largest boy's pants (on the far right side of the image) appear to be too short for him. Two of the boys wear tennis shoes, and one has on boots, while the fourth wears dress shoes. All have short hair, combed neatly back. A wall behind the group is bare, though a window can be seen behind the family. This image is part of the Herbert E. McMullen bequest. Mr. McMullen, a local photographer, also collected images of daily life in the area from other sources and photographers.

Date Created

circa 1960s


gelatin silver prints




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