Unidentified Merchant Marines


Unidentified Merchant Marines


Black and white copy of a photo of two young men wearing uniforms identified in museum records as that of the United States Merchant Marine, circa World War II. One young man with blond hair is seated and wears a dark dress uniform shirt and tie and a dark hat. The insignia on his hat indicates he is a steward or cook. The second young man stands next to him, with one hand resting on the first man's elbow. This second man has dark hair combed back, wears glasses and has a small mustache. His uniform consists of a double-breasted jacket over a white shirt and dark tie, and he wears a white hat with a dark band and bill. The ship's propeller insignia on his hat, shirt collar and coat sleeve indicate that he is a machinist. The United States Merchant Marine is the fleet of commercial ships, whether privately or state-owned. Historically during wartime, the Merchant Marine was used to carry troops or supplies for the military. This photo is part of the Herbert E. McMullen bequest. McMullen was a local photographer who also collected other images of daily life, people, and locations in Washington County and northwest Oregon. See WCMpic_014632 and WCMpic_014633 for other images of this house.

Date Created

circa 1944


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