Street Scene in Vancouver, Washington


Street Scene in Vancouver, Washington


Black and white image of a three adult women, a girl, and a man walking down a poured sidewalk in a business district. The women wear fitted suits with long, bustled skirts and large, flat hats with ornamentation. The girl wears a knee length skirt and a similar hat. In the street nearby, a woman rides a tricycle with the smaller, single wheel in the front and two sticks for steering control. Women of this era often rode tricycles because of their relative ease of handling, given the restrictive clothing custom required. The closest building across the street is identified by signs and advertising as 'Dorland's Music House,' which was located in Vancouver, Washington. Most of the businesses along the street have awnings over their main windows, and power poles with numerous arms dominate the visible skyline.

Date Created

circa 1890s


black-and-white negatives;




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