Stores near the Railroad in Tualatin


Stores near the Railroad in Tualatin


Photographic postcard designated "No. 9," showing buildings along "Railroad Street" in Tualatin, Oregon. This was not the name of the street, but just a description of what appears in the image. The view is facing north, and may have been taken somewhere near the modern intersection of Boones Ferry Road and SW Tualatin Road.

This image was probably made circa 1908-1920. According to handwritten notes on the back of the image, one of the buildings on the right is the back of I. N. Robinson's store; behind it are Ed Robinson's restaurant and store. The railroad tracks on the left are part of the Oregon Electric Railway, which was active between 1908-1933. In the far background, a raised bridge shows the crossing of the Southern Pacific railroad line. Electrical and telephone lines run overhead. Several boys and men, some holding bicycles, stand in the middle ground of the image. Two of them are identified on the back of the postcard as Reginald [P---ly?] & Glenn Jurgens. Handwritten notes on the back of the postcard provide additional details.

For "No. 8" in this postcard series, see WCMpic_022688.
Transcription: [front] No 9 Railroad Street Tualatin Ore [back] I don't suppose this picture will look natural to you - it is I. M. Robinson's store on the right (This is a rear view.) Ed Robinsons Restaurant and [car--?] store is right behind them. [illegible] men & boys - Reginald [P---ly?] & Glenn Jurgens are in the middle of the road - Reginald is on the right hand side. You can see how close the Electric road [i.e. the Oregon Electric Railway] runs in front of Sweeks & where it goes under the S. P. [i.e. the Southern Pacific Railroad] bridge. This is looking North. The Methodists built a church on the Potts property last year - on the corner back of Mrs. Potts' house. 'Mrs Cork' still lives in the Potts home, but the children & boys stay with their guardian Oscar Larson + Dorothy is with Mrs Fuller & Vera is staying at J. R. C. Thompsons.

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circa 1908-1920


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