Houses near the Railroad in Tualatin


Houses near the Railroad in Tualatin


Photographic postcard designated "No. 8," showing houses along "Residence Street" in Tualatin, Oregon. This was not the name of the street, but just a description of what appears in the image. This was taken facing south, probably near the modern intersection of Boones Ferry Road and SW Tualatin Road.

As of the time when this photograph was made (circa 1908-1920), the home towards the background with a small black mark drawn on it and smoke rising from the chimney belonged to the I. N. Robinson Family. The small white, single story building with a small cross drawn on it was a bakery. In the foreground of the picture, there is a railroad track, most likely on the Oregon Electric Railroad line, which was active between 1908-1933. Electrical and telephone lines run overhead. Four boys holding bicycles sit on the railroad embankment. Handwritten text on the back describes some of the landmarks in the photograph.

For a view facing north on the same street, see "No. 9" in this postcard series, WCMpic_022684.
Transcription of text on postcard: [front] No 8 Residence Street Tualatin Ore [back] The house with the mark on it is I. N. Robinson's new house (rear view too) they have their home fixed up very nice I don't remember how many houses there was along this road when you was here The bl'dg with the cross on it is the Tualatin bakery. Mrs. Robinson's sister and her husband owns and operates the bakery. They are doing fine too. this is the same street or road as No. 9 only this is looking South.; The Wirths have all sold out and left Tualatin.; Mr. Heimbach has built a new barn - they have one of the prettiest places around Tualatin. Casteels have painted their house and fixed up around there till you wouldn't have known the place. Grandpa Smith lives in the house that I. N. Robinson used to live in.

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circa 1908-1920


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