Hillsboro High School, Class of 1915


Hillsboro High School, Class of 1915


Group portrait of the Hillsboro High School Class of 1915. The back of the photo lists the students in the photograph, and there is also a newspaper clipping attached which give some details about the class and their graduation.
[back] [student list; numbers correspond to numbers on the front] Hillsboro High School - Class of 1915; 1 - Margaret Gregg; 2 - Johanna Bridwell; 3 - Eva Meyer m. Tucker; 4 - Byron Garrett; 5 - Effie Bachelor; 6 - Jan Mahon; 7 - Katherine Perry; 8 - Alma Spicker; 9 - Eleanor Bechen; 10 - Fred Zumwalt; 11 - Carl Bechen; 12 - Frank Rollins; 13 - Geo. Russell Morgan; 14 - Elizabeth Peterson (m. Clyde Mason); 15 - Kate Hornecker; 16. Zola Walsh m. Morgan; 17. Alta Hornecker; 18 - Arthur Connell; 19 - Elmer Fisher; 20 - Wade Zumwalt; 21 - Clyde Mason; 22. Chas. Deichman; C. W. Burt - Prin. [Note written vertically] This picture was taken at the south door of the then Hillsboro High School (as that time it also housed about 2-3 primary grades) when the second high school on Lincoln St and 6th was built this one (on N Third and Grant) became completely grade school and later was named the B.W. Barnes school - after a long-time principal, who also served several terms as County school Supt. (Ruly Tipton and Gladys Sinclair are not on this picture, but are named in the clipping. Eva Meyer is in the picture but is not named in the clipping)

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circa 1915


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