Hillsboro High School Baseball team


Hillsboro High School Baseball team


Black and white image of a baseball team standing on the front steps of a building, most likely Hillsboro High School. All but two of the boys wear traditional baseball uniforms, light-colored, short-sleeved shirts tucked into pants that gather at the knee. The four boys in the front row have baseball gloves on their hands; the gloves have two large straps between the thumb and fingers. A boy in a letterman's sweater stands at the end of the front row, He wears loose pants turned up at the bottom and a light-colored t-shirt. His hair is cut short on the sides and long on top. Another boy in what appears to be a letterman's jacket is just visible at the top of the stairs on the end of the back row. A small boy in a jacket, pants and a hat is seated at the very bottom of the image. Fallen leaves are scattered about the stairs.

Date Created

circa 1940s


gelatin silver prints






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