D. Woodman Norton, Union officer


D. Woodman Norton, Union officer


Sepia-toned portrait of a young man in the frock coat of a junior officer in the Union Army during the Civil War. His coat has a single row of buttons and shoulder boards, and he wears both a belt and a sash at the waist. His hands are gloved, and one rests upon the pommel of a sword with its tip set on the ground in front of him. His hair is combed back from his face and he wears a mustache and goatee. Behind him, the background is a romantic rural landscape. This photo was included in a collection donated by a Forest Grove resident, Ruby Bamford. The Bamford family was from England, but lived in Illinois during the Civil War. They settled in the Gales Creek area in the early 1880s. It is not known whether the photos belonged to the Bamfords or to Mrs. Bamford's natal family before their donation. See WCMpic_015180, WCMpic_015185, WCMpic_015186, WCMpic_015187, WCMpic_015188, WCMpic_015191, WCMpic_015192, WCMpic_015194, WCMpic_015198, WCMpic_015200, and WCMpic_015201 for other images from this collection.
[back] [black ink] D. Woodman Norton, Jamaica Plains, or Boston, Mass. [pencil] No. 18.

Date Created

circa 1862-1864








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