French Manor House


French Manor House


Sepia-toned image of a three-story European Manor home that appears to be in a rural combination of Romanesque and Beaux Arts architecture. The mansard roof features a guardrail along the roofline, and a large statue is elevated from the arched, carved pediment of the central section. Two dormers with rounded tops sit at either side of the main section. Shutters grace most of the windows, and a balcony dominates the second floor of the central section of the house. Two men can be seen standing in one open door; the yard is packed dirt and appears to have a regular driving route across it. A crude flagpole has been erected in the middle of the yard in front of the house, made up of a straight, tall log with all the limbs chopped off. Mary Morrissey Wunderlich, born in Washington County in the late 1880s, served in Europe as a nurse during World War I and is credited with taking this image. See WCMpic_015289 for what appears to be a rear view of this house, and WCMpic_015288 and WCmpic_015299 for other images credited to Mary Morrissey Wunderlich.
[back] [pen] Taken during WWI, probably in Europe by Mary Morrissey (Wunderlich), Army Nurse.

Date Created

circa 1917-1919


gelatin silver prints






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