Red Cross Station, Europe, World War I


Red Cross Station, Europe, World War I


Sepia-toned image of what appears to be a warehouse in a muddy field, with a hill covered in trees rising in the background. A young man in a military style uniform leans against the near corner of the building, his hands in his pockets. A sign reading 'Office, Red Cross, Base 18' extends perpendicular to the wall above the door just behind him. The landscape appears to be muddy and wet. Mary Morrissey Wunderlich, born in Washington County in the late 1880s, served in Europe as a nurse during World War I and is credited with taking this image. See WCMpic_015286, WCMpic_015298, and WCmpic_015289 for other images credited to Mary Morrissey Wunderlich.
[back] [pen] Taken during WWI - probably in Europe, brought back to Wash. CO. by Mary Morrissey (Wunderlich), WWI Nurse.

Date Created

circa 1917-1919


gelatin silver prints






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