Scholls Women's Club


Scholls Women's Club


Black and white of a group of about 40 women gathered in a room. Some are seated at a table, others stand in front of a large window. The photo is attached to a piece of onionskin typewriter paper with the names of the women pictured listed. Drawn on the bottom of the page is a legend showing which women are seated where.
[front] [typed] Ladies of the Scholls Women's Club 1940s. 1. Grace Taylor, 2. Lottie Stearns, 3. Alta Benson, 4. Lillian Bozarth, 5. Maude Wakefield, 6. Gladys Trask, 7. Edith Gotter, 8. Laura Lusk, 9. Mae Crowder, 10. Jo Guild, 11. Ina Sutherland, 12. Venus Bunnell, 13. Bea Greenwood, hidden behind #13, Nora Sibley? 13. Alice Wakefield, 15. Etta Phelps, 16. Hazel Stretcher, 17. Rhoda Hesse, 18. Beth Abeischer, 19. Ruth Christensen, 20. Anabel Flint, 21. Nettie Maxwell, 22. Louise Johnson, 23. Jennie Larkin, 24. Ruth Chandlee, 25. Eileen Orr, 26. Louise Hergert, 27. Mabel Groner, 28. Laura Ashby, 29. Elizabeth Rowell, hidden, Minnie Bartlett? 30. Peggy Haynes, 31. Cozette Bennett, 32. Rose Demmin, 33. Rose Demmin's mother, 34. Marian Twiford, 35. Ruth Ruhlin, 36. Margaret Lewellyn, 37. Maude Armitage. This picture donated courtesy of Mable [sic] Bartlett Olson, c/o Jim Allison.

Date Created

circa 1940s


gelatin silver prints






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