Group at Tom Miles Theatre


Group at Tom Miles Theatre


Photo of President Ritchie and his wife with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirk Miles Sr. They are standing in front of the plaque for Tom Miles Theatre. Mr. and Mrs. Miles financed the renovation for the theatre in memory of their son, Tom Kirk Miles Jr., who died in an automobile accident while he was a student at Pacific University. This plaque reads: Tom Miles Memorial Theatre/There's a special Providence/In the fall of a sparrow. If it/Be now, it is not to come. If it be/Not to come, it will be now. If/It be not now, yet it will come./The readiness is all. Hamlet V Sc. II/Thomas Kirk Miles Jr. Student Player 1960-1964.
[back] Dr. & Mrs. M. A. F. Ritchie; Mr & Mrs Thomas K. Miles parents of Thomas K. Miles Jr; Memorial Plaque; Department of Public Information; Roll DPI-157 Frame # Date 6 March 1965; Pacific University Forest Grove, Oregon

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