Elda and Leva Walker as children


Elda and Leva Walker as children


A formal studio portrait of a young Elda and Leva Walker that was sent to their "Grandpa and Grandma" in 1887. They were the daughters of Levi C. and Belle Putman Walker. Their paternal grandparents were the former missionaries Elkanah and Mary Richardson Walker, but Elkanah had died by this date; so the photograph was likely addressed to their maternal grandparents, the Putnams. Leva and Elda graduated from Pacific University in 1900. Born in 1877 and 1878, they were most likely the first women from Forest Grove to earn a doctoral degree, Elda from the University of Nebraska and Leva from Cornell University. Both Doctorates were in Biology. The sisters taught together at the University of Nebraska and lived together until their deaths in 1970 and 1971. This photograph was taken in Portland at the W.H. Towne photography studio. The portrait shows them in a bucolic outdoor setting, with a painted meadow backdrop, stone wall and hay rug.
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