Picnic at Gales Creek


Picnic at Gales Creek


A group of Pacific University students and faculty having a picnic near Gales Creek. Henry Liberty Bates, principle of Tualatin Academy, Mary Frances Farham, Dean of Women and Professor of English and Literature, Victor Emmanuel Albright, Instructor in Public Speaking and English, possibly Grace Christine Wood, Instructor in Tualatin Academy , Livia Ella Ferrin, Arthur John Prideaux, Frances Thora Sorensen William Beatty Rasmussen and Chester Kimes Fletcher class of 1906, Ethel Belle Moseley, Sarah Pamela Boldrick, Pearl Wilma Chandler and Howard Hill Markel class of 1907.
[Front] Cottonwoods - June 1906 - [Back] Picnic at Gales Creek 1906; faculty Prin Bates; Dean Farnham; Mr. Albright; Mrs. Wood; Livia Ferrin; Howard Markel; Pearl Chandler; Ethel Moseley; Frances Sorensen; C.K. Fletcher; Wil Rasmussen; Sarah Boldrick; Arthur Prideaux;

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circa 1906


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