Buxton, Oregon, 1906


Buxton, Oregon, 1906


Photo of a town. Streets appear to be muddy and wet, and a path runs along a post and pole fence down from the foreground of the image into the town. A boardwalk runs partially along one side of the street in the foreground. A number of houses and buildings are visible, several with smoke coming from their chimneys. All appear to be wooden construction. Bare-branched and evergreen trees are scattered throughout the buildings. A number of buildings are numbered in white, identified by the legend on the back of the photo. Number one is a church, with a steep gabled roof and a steeple. Number two is a two-story building, white, with a single-story extension and a covered porch area extending from the first floor and a small dormer window on the far end of the roof. Scaffolding has been attached to the end of the building. Number three is a two-story gabled building, long, with a square store front with three double-hung windows above an awning-style roofline that runs above the first story of the building. This extends to a salt-box like roof on the back of the building. Number four is a long, single-story building, with a square front and a covered porch. Number five is a dark colored, gabled building with two visible stories. It is surrounded by a plank fence, and appears to have two entrances, one on the narrower front facing the road and one on the side of the building. Two double-hung windows appear on the second floor, and the door on the side is bracketed by a second pair of windows. Smoke is visible from the chimney towards the front of the building.
Back: Buxton, Oregon 1906. 1) Presb. Church. 2) House of Charley Peterson, Post Master. 3) John Henry's 'Rinck' Stair. 4) Bob Simpson's Saloon. 5) Elk Horn Hotel


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