Madeleine Yamane Portrait 1941 Yearbook Photo


Madeleine Yamane Portrait 1941 Yearbook Photo


Madeleine Yamane was likely Pacific's first Asian-American graduate, who graduated in May 1941.
Madeleine Yamane attended Pacific at the same time as several other students of Japanese descent including Yukie Katayama Sumoge, Lillian Hirasawa Kurahara, and Saka Yoneyama Noma. Of the four, Madeleine Yamane was the only one who graduated before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and she also was the only one of the four who was not interned during the war.

Yamane was a member of Kappa Delta sorority and served as its Vice President in the school year 1939-40 and was also a member of the Young Women's Christian Association. She graduated with a BA in Literature.

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