Coronation of 1971 Homecoming Queen Jill Matsui


Coronation of 1971 Homecoming Queen Jill Matsui


Taken on Friday, October 30th at the coronation of the 1970 Homecoming Queen, Jill Matsui, this photograph features, left to right: Willie Deckard, Jill Matsui, and an unidentified female student. The Coronation was part of the Victory Dance, sponsored by the Hawaiian Club (of which Jill Matsui was the Secretary) and organized by the Intercollegiate Knights, who were responsible for all the Homecoming weekend activities. Though not shown in this photograph, the 1970 Homecoming Court consisted of: Jill Matsui (Queen, Junior, Hawaiian Club representative); Marcia Englund (Princess, Junior, Gamma Sigma representative); Linda Jenkins (Princess, Junior, Black Student Union representative); Mary Ann Lazelle (Princess, Junior, Alpha Zeta representative); and Lynnette Siles (Princess, Junior, Sinfonia representative). Sinfonia, otherwise known as Phi Mu Alpha, is a professional music fraternity which at the time had a chapter at Pacific university. The girls all represented either one of the fraternities or one of the ethnic clubs on campus.




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