In Memoriam. C0-Education of the Sexes


In Memoriam. C0-Education of the Sexes


This is the section of a Memoriam book for Dr. Marsh, whom died two years before the publishing date in 1879. The book describes how he changed the school's education system from not teaching female students, to teaching female students. While observing different teaching methods from different regions, he found that the society seemed to function better when both men and women were being taught in a similar environment, rather than separate from each other. The trustees, agreed that it was important to keep the humanity with the males sane and that having women in the school environment would be beneficial in general. Young Women were still considered to be famine rather than noble still within the eyes of the University trustees. For they did not consider the approval or thoughts of women when it came to this decision or even consult with women on the educational synopsis developed for women.


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