Cheron Mayhall 1962 Scrapbook Page


Cheron Mayhall 1962 Scrapbook Page


Put together by Cheron Mayhall née Messmer in one of her many scrapbooks, this page is dedicated to the commemoration of Susan Ann Lindgren's marriage to Dale Barclay Dawson. As Susan's bridesmaid, good friend, and fellow Pacific University student, Cheron was in the unique position to not only archive the events of the June 1st wedding, but also the post-wedding correspondence sent to her from Susan and Dale. In the upper left-hand corner of the scrapbook page is Cheron's initial invitation to the Lindgren-Dawson wedding, sent by Mr. and Mrs. Lindgren; the newspaper clipping announcing the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dawson is tucked inside the card. Under the wedding invite lies the invitation to the wedding breakfast hosted by the groom's parents at the Town and Country, with a matchbox from the restaurant glued next to it. The upper right-hand corner of the page is taken by a thank-you card from the new Mrs. Susan Dawson to Cheron, thanking her for participating in the wedding ceremony and for coming to the wedding shower thrown by the other bridesmaid (Alex Allen). Immediately underneath the thank you note is a letter from Susan and Dale to Cheron, updating her on life as a newly married couple (the word 'Fine' is used more often than not to describe how things are). The bottom right envelope contains a quick note updating Cheron on how the honeymoon went; the envelope also holds a folded postcard from during the Dawsons' honeymoon, with the explanation being that they both had forgotten to send it while actually on the trip. Above the honeymoon letter Cheron pasted the ribbons and butterfly ornament that wrapped around the stems of her nosegay. In the bottom left-hand corner lie an embossed napkin from the wedding reception ('Susan and Dale' on the first line, 'June 1, 1962' on the second), accompanied by a small mesh bag partially full of very old rice grains originally mean to be thrown over the wedding party.


Mayhall née Messmer, Cheron




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