1997 Pacific University Self-Study Reports Excerpt


1997 Pacific University Self-Study Reports Excerpt


The Pacific University Self-Study Reports are a series of decennial reports that lay out University goals, collect and interpret data related to student admissions, graduations, faculty size increases, university finances and more. The reports can act as a valuable measure of race and gender related issues both in what they directly say and what is left out.
In the 1997 Report, racial and gender diversity are approached more thoroughly in words than in previous decades, however there is no reported statistical breakdown of racial groups as there was in the 1977 reports. However, Diversity was established as a Strategic Goal (#10, p. xviii). Gender and ethnic diversity statistics were considered as an important component for Residence Life student staffing (IX-244), and a section (IX-280-286) is devoted to an overview on Diversity Services, the Office of Multicultural Services (which began in 1990) and the Office of Disability Studies. One expressed concern was a decrease in black students and males overall because of the dissolution of the football program. This directly counteracted University efforts to maintain a 50:50 balance of male:female students.


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