Forest Grove Cemetery Map

Forest View Cemetery Lot 215

There are two known burials of students from the Forest Grove Indian Training School in the Forest View Cemetery: Martha Lot (Spokane), who died on October 16, 1881; and Victor Hugh (Umatilla), who died on March 8, 1883. 

This excerpt from the cemetery's log book documents the locations of these two graves in Lot 215. Neither of the graves has a headstone or other physical marker today. There were probably once wooden markers present, but they would have disintegrated long ago. 

Several other children from the school are thought to have been buried there at one time. Billy Skitus and Lila Jack (Wasco) who died in May-June 1883, were requested to be reinterred at the Warm Springs Reservation about a year after their deaths. (See the spreadsheet for details on these and other student deaths in Forest Grove). 

Lot 215 is located in the southwest corner of the Forest View Cemetery