Teachers and Administration

M.C. Wilkinson, 1st Superintendent, 1881 or '82

The founder of the Forest Grove Indian Training School was an Army officer, Captain M.C. Wilkinson, who also taught military science at Pacific University. Others from the local community taught trades such as shoemaking, blacksmithing and sewing at the school, alongside English, math and religion. Native students worked in supporting roles. A  spreadsheet of teachers and administrators  lists known employees. 

Although Pacific never directly administered the school, its Board of Trustees worked hard to keep it in Forest Grove. The next pages of this exhibit include administrative records from Pacific University as well as letters from others connected to the school.


Staff in 1883 or '84. H.J. Minthorn, 2nd Superintendent, lower left. Native staff, upper right.

"Saturday Sam" & Minnie Walker, shoemaking & sewing instructors

George Atkinson, Pacific U. trustee and Indian School supporter

Belle Walker, academic class teacher, with family

John Lee, 4th superintendent, and two Native staff members, Salem, 1886-8